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My freshman assignment about art book. This is tale of a boy who mets a group of devil chicken. So, it’s the thai sentence of high-level consonant, for help to memorize. Advertisements

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Red and Black Ants

This is a children tale, about some red and black ants. They have a same vine for walk and find some foods. They compete for their foods or their way. The disaster day was happen, An anteater ate a lot … Continue reading


Diagram and Timeline

DIAGRAM OMELETTE(kai-jeaw moo sub) DIAGRAM How to make a special omelette (kai-jeaw moo sub). That’s very easy, you can do this one, Yummy!! TIMELINE TIME to TIME The period of my life, from the past to the future. ______________________________________________________


My difficult project

CREATIVE DESIGN II : 3D SERIAL PLANES __________________________________________________________ WALL STRUCTURE __________________________________________________________ PRISMS and CYLINDERS __________________________________________________________ REPETITION __________________________________________________________ POLYHEDRAL STTRUCTURES __________________________________________________________ ARCHIMEDEAN SOLIDS __________________________________________________________ TRIANGULAR PLANES __________________________________________________________ They are my difficult project, it made form foam and art paper. I love … Continue reading


Hello Cyber World

Hello my friends!!! My name is Prapanpong Suksawang. Or you call me “George” Now I’m studying in Major of Exhibitiion, Department of Fine Arts, Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts,  Chulalongkorn University. nice to meet you everybody 🙂 I AM … Continue reading

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